The difference between the US and UK - in 20 photos

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that Brits and Yanks are as different as chalk and cheese (an expression they might not understand).

Accents, Anglicans, the Alamo, automatic weapons... and that's just the As.

But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are ten pairs of images that sum up the most fundamental differences between the US and the UK...

Appropriate posing / gun lovin'

Portion Size (UK)


...vs. Portion Size (US)

Suspenders (UK)...

Picture:Picture: AP IMAGES/Claudiociani

...vs Suspenders (US)

Picture: Picture: AP IMAGES/Elnur

Rain (US)

....vs. Rain (UK)

Romance (US)

...vs. Romance (UK)

Bathroom (UK)


...vs. Bathroom (US)


Heat wave (UK)


...vs. Heat wave (US)


Soldiers (US)


...vs. Soldiers (UK)

Festivals (US)

Picture: Picture: AP IMAGES

...vs Festivals (UK)

Picture: Picture: Getty Images

Drugs (US)

Picture: Picture: AP IMAGES

...vs. Drugs (UK)

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