Disney is looking to hire a counter-terrorism intern. Yes, really

The Walt Disney Company is recruiting an intern to work on intelligence gathering and mitigation strategies in the event of a terror attack.

Since the 9/11 attacks there are bag checks at the entrance to every theme park and it makes sense for Disney to have a plan of action in case it is threatened by an act of terror.

But do they really want to trust an intern with that stuff? The chances of Banksy sending a sleeper agent must be pretty high.

According to the job listing on Disney's website and job hunting portals, the Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis department provides:

...strategic intelligence, threat assessments, vulnerability mitigation strategies and in-depth analytical products covering existing and developing threats that include counter terrorism, physical threats, cyber-attacks and all reputational risks.

The team is looking for an intern to start in spring 2016 to compose intelligence briefs, write and research threat assessments and assist in deciding on the best options to counter "both existing and future threats or emerging technology".

The job ad says the basic qualifications you need to apply are an ability to write and research, an interest in international relations, a sense of teamwork and effective use of Microsoft Office.

So: if you were looking to get into the theme park world, now's your chance. Just bear in mind that the listing doesn't say whether you'll get paid for it.

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