The difference in divorce between men and women in 4 charts

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According to the latest release from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), around 42 per cent of marriages will end in divorce.

A nice piece of information is that once the 20th wedding anniversary is reached, the percentage likelihood that a marriage won't end in divorce increases rapidly.

In addition, marriages are lasting longer on average.

Which is also nice news.

The ONS release also discussed the ages at which couples of the opposite sex were getting divorced.

For both men and women it was between the ages 45 and 49.

An interesting thing to note is that below the age of 45, more women are divorced, and above the age of 45, more men are divorced.

In addition, the divorce rate for men is slightly higher, but mirror the same trend over the years.

And while marriages have continued their decline, divorces are now also declining over the years.

In short, the interest in both the institution of marriage, and separating from it, is waning over time.

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