Does this 20-year-old video reveal David Cameron's true feelings on the EU?

David Cameron's former director of strategy and close friend Steve Hilton claimed on Thursday that if Cameron were not prime minister, he would be in favour of a Brexit in the upcoming referendum.

In an intriguing interview with the Times, Hilton - himself in favour of Brexit - said that it is Cameron's time in Number 10 that has changed his mind about membership of the EU.

If he was a member of the public, or a backbench MP or a junior minister or even a cabinet minister, I’m certain that he would be for Leave.

As prime minister he sees it from a different perspective, and that's perfectly reasonable... but I think that if he didn't have that perspective he would be for Leave.

It's unlikely that Cameron will appreciate Hilton's two cents today - it has been suggested he will have to resign if the country votes out on June 23rd.

But to add fuel to the fire, Newsnight has managed to dig up an old clip of Cameron addressing a Conservative party conference in 1996, when he was standing for parliament for the first time.

In the minute long clip, the future PM made a speech about, among other things, cutting taxes and joining the euro currency.

The beginning of his sentence is cut off, but he says:

The socialist Prime Ministers of Europe have endorsed Tony Blair because they want a federal pussy cat and not a British lion.

It is up to us, in this conference, in this party, in this country to make sure that lion roars. Because when it does, no one can beat us.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said:

The prime minister has been very clear that Britain will be safer, stronger and better of inside a reformed EU.

The folly of youth, eh?

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