Dominic Cummings is currently so disliked that even his neighbours are heckling him

If you thought you've ever had a weekend to forget wait until you hear what happened to Dominic Cummings this weekend.

Firstly, it was revealed that despite having coronavirus symptoms he made the 260-mile trip from London to Durham to get help from his parents with child care, which would appear to be in clear violation of the lockdown rules.

Then, with everyone up in arms about the first trip it was then revealed that a few weeks later he left his family home in Durham on Easter Sunday, drove 30-miles to do a bit of sightseeing at Barnard Castle.

With fury levels at Defcon-1 surely Boris Johnson would have to let his adviser go or face a battering from the public? Well, funnily enough he didn't sack him and defended him in an otherwise disastrous daily briefing.

Surely things couldn't get any worse for Cummings who could just return to his home in East London and bunker down until this is all blown over? Sadly for him, due to the amount of press that had been huddled outside it is now fairly obvious where he lives and his neighbours gave him a rousing return when he got home from Downing Street.

Neighbours could be heard shouting:

My mum’s terrified, my dad’s had three shoulder operations… she won’t even entertain me in her garden with a tent.


I’m a single parent. I’ve had no childcare since the beginning of this whole mess, not that I can afford to pay any child care.

Needless to say, they were not impressed by what had happened in the past few days and weren't best pleased that they were living in such close proximity to 48-year-old.

For many, their anger spoke volumes.

One neighbour really let Cummings knew what he thought of him while keeping two-metre distance, of course.

To give you a sense that this feeling isn't exclusive to just one street this is what the Civil Service tweeted at the weekend and even the Daily Mail, which has been a strong support of the Conservatives and Boris Johnson, went with this as their front page on Monday:

It remains to be seen what will happen with Cummings but we wouldn't be surprised if we see a property from that area appear on your nearest property website soon.

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