Dominic Raab. Oh Dominic Raab.

Since announcing that he’s standing for Tory leader, Raab has put his foot in it several times.

First there was his campaign launch video, which featured a strange head tilt and the inspired phrase “fairness means building a fair society”.

Next he said he’s not a feminist, before saying he supports women because he “picks up the slack at home”.

Now Raab has sent out a tweet which boasts of his Brexit credentials.

As an ardent Brexiteer, he claims he’s the best person to secure a great deal for the UK.

But there’s just one problem. Raab – the former Brexit secretary – already helped negotiate a Brexit deal.

As Brexit secretary, he helped to negotiate Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement – that’s right, the deal behind the biggest government defeat in British political history.

Of course, people noticed that self-confessed "details guy" Raab has already had a shot at negotiating a deal. By MP's standards – and even his own – he failed miserably.

Then there was Raab’s use of the word “navigate”, which seems unfortunate given that he famously didn’t realise that the Dover port was important to UK trade.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to remind him.


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