Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab says he’s ‘probably not a feminist’ and people are outraged

Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab says he’s ‘probably not a feminist’ and people are outraged

Dominic Raab, who has launched his bid to be the next prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, has said that he is 'probably not' a feminist. Oh, lord, it only gets worse, doesn't it?

In an interview with ITV News on Wednesday, the former Brexit secretary was questioned over a comment he made in 2011 when he described some feminists as 'obnoxious bigots'.

In response, he attempted to emphasise the fact that he's pro 'equality':

The point I was making is that sexism is wrong and it’s wrong if it’s said about a woman or about a man and I think equality is too precious a value for us to put up with double standards.

I do think we should call hypocrisy out in political debate and political life. 

Then, the ITV News reporter asked him if he'd 'describe himself as a feminist', to which Raab said:

No, probably not.

Then, he added:

But I would describe myself as someone who is a champion of equality and meritocracy. 

And, my wife and I are a two salaried couple, I support her as much as she supports me, and I'm all for working women making the very best of their potential, and that's something that's very important to me. 

Raab was also asked about whether as prime minister he'd make it easier for people to change their gender. He responded:

I certainly don’t think I want to make it easier. I think you need to be very careful with people of that age.

I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. But I do worry a little bit with some of this debate - whether it is in relation to vulnerable women in prisons or children in school - that we take a careful, balanced approach because we need to be a society which is small-L liberal, if you like, which is tolerant and warm to the LGBT community.

Whereas I also worry about the vulnerability of other people, whether it is women in prisons or children at a very tender age in school, so we need to get the balance right.

It goes without saying that his admission that he's 'probably not' a feminist has sparked outrage online.

Some said it's a 'very insecure' thing for a straight man to say.

Others thought it was peddling some 'very dangerous' rhetoric.

Some were simply shocked.

Thank u, next.

Does Raab really understand what 'equality' means?

To be honest, it's all just pretty embarrassing.

Has he ever even... Googled the meaning of 'feminism'?

And the prize for the least favourite candidate goes to...

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