Don't you hate it when Santa gets dragged into politics?

Presenting the worst-ever letter to Father Christmas.

This wall-dominating flag was spotted in Hedge End, Hampshire, today by Twitter user @john_neptune.

We're a bit suspicious whether the flag's message is heartfelt, seeing as though the Union Jack is actually back to front, but presumably it would have been quite an expensive endeavour just for the purposes of a right-wing-baiting 'joke'.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, Hedge End is in the Eastleigh parliamentary constituency.

In the 2013 by-election triggered by Chris Huhne standing down, Ukip enjoyed a swing of 24.2 per cent and narrowly missed out on securing a seat by fewer than 2,000 votes.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage also unsuccessfully stood for election in the constituency in 1994, a year when he reportedly asked for the personal backing of Enoch Powell.

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