Russell Brand might have been right about Ukip and Enoch Powell

Days after Russell Brand labelled Nigel Farage a "pound shop Enoch Powell" on BBC1's Question Time, evidence has emerged that Ukip begged the former MP for his backing in the 1990s.

The Telegraph says it has seen correspondence showing Ukip founder and then leader Alan Sked pleaded with Powell to back the party and even stand as a candidate in European elections.

"A large number of people, many of them known to you, have suggested to me that I invite you to be our candidate for Central London in the Euro-Elections. As you know, we don't intend to take up seats or salaries. We fight our course in the UK alone," the hand-written note reportedly says.

"All you would have to do would be to allow your name to be used, design your own election address and make as many statements as you saw fit. There need be no meetings or actual campaigning. What do you think?"

Powell, who died in 1998, was notorious for his 1968 Rivers of Blood speech, which cost him his job in the Conservative shadow cabinet and overshadowed race relations for decades.

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