Donald Trump appears to have channelled Charlie Sheen in his latest speech

Picture: Tom Pennington/Getty
Picture: Tom Pennington/Getty

They're upset...they can't stand the amount with which you're winning by. Everything is a win.

At a rally in Woodside, Texas, on Friday, Donald Trump envisaged his presidency, which will apparently make people angry because of the sheer amount of winning involved.

When not meandering from topic to topic the Republican presumptive nominee brought out his inner Charlie Sheen to talk about how much winning he was going to get done if he makes to the White House.

We're gonna win so much you people are going to get sick of it.

Candidate Trump's ramble comes in the 45th minute of a 47 minute speech where he does a 'best of' his campaign slogans so far.

President Trump! Thousands and thousands of calls from Texas - they are so upset with you, Mr. President. They can't stand the amount with which you're winning by. Everything is a win. You're winning on trade. You're winning at the border. You're winning with your military.

As well as speaking with all the cadence of a retweet, when Trump says "thousands of thousands" he sounds more than a little like Gilbert Gottfried's Iago:

Trump's rambles about "winning" are not new to his stump speeches, but never before has he been this... well, Trump.

It's as though he's living his own Saturday Night Live skit, and decided to embrace the caricature. At this point, maybe it's the only choice left for all of us.

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