Barack Obama is ghosting Donald Trump and it might explain a lot


Former president Barack Obama was the target of Donald Trump’s most recent ire when he was bizarrely accused of wiretapping Trump Tower before the US elections.

Kevin Lewis, Obama’s official spokesperson was quick to deny the allegation, calling it “simply false”.

Obama was reportedly “livid”, and an aide told The Wall Street Journalthat Trump’s accusation had crossed a boundary, because it questioned not only the integrity of the office of President, but also his own.

Other than the initial rejection by Lewis however, Obama’s been very quiet about the subject.

Much to Trump’s chagrin.

A White House official has since criticised Obama’s silence with regard to recent leaks.

When he was President and leaks pertained to Hilary Clinton, the then-president was quick to condemn them.

The official commented to the Wall Street Journal:

… His silence now is notable.

HT The Wall Street Journal

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