Donald Trump has been on a very long, very incoherent Twitter rant

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Donald Trump has returned from his foreign trip and wasted no time in getting back to business as usual.

And by business as usual we mean resuming his role as tweeter-in-chief.

Donald sent eight tweets in 40 minutes (two of them have since been deleted).

His first tweet said he'd just arrived in Italy (he hadn't, he arrived in Italy two days prior).

He then tweeted about the Republican win in the Montana special election.

The one where Greg Gianforte won despite body-slamming a Guardian journalist in the campaign.

The tweet comes two days after the result was declared.

And Trump somehow randomly added "we" to the end of the tweet, before deleting it and reposting.

Was he going through his drafts folder?

Was there no internet access in Italy?

Did his aides take his phone of him again?

Did he get confused from the jetlag and think it was still Friday?

After deleting the tweets he then correctly said he was back from Europe.

Although, awkwardly, we're not sure if Merkel and the other world leaders would agree that it was a "great success for America"

Speaking at a campaign event in Bavaria. Merkel said:

We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.

The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days

Trump, who has previously denied climate change, clearly irked the German leader who later said

The entire discussion about climate was very difficult, if not to say very dissatisfying.

There are no indications whether the United States will stay in the Paris Agreement or not.

He then went on a tirade about the "fake news media" and the recent leaks out of the White House.

Interestingly, Trump seems to be discrediting his own theory on President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

He later tweeted that he'd had conversations with Theresa May and she was 'very angry' - itself providing the world an insight into a supposedly private conversation with another head of state.

Time to take the phone away.

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