Donald Trump went on a spectacular Twitter rant - and he also wishes you a Happy Easter!

Getty Images/Twitter

Traditionally, the President uses Easter at the annual "egg roll" in the White House garden.

Instead, Donald J. Trump has spent it doing what he does best - tweeting.

In five, completely unrelated tweets (all sent within a couple of hours) Trump began by denying he'd ever accused the Chinese of currency manipulation.

The thing is, he's mentioned China's problem with currency manipulation more than once or twice...

He then went on to discuss the Electoral College and tax returns, again

As many Twitter users have pointed out - it's not particularly difficult for a Republican to win the Electoral College (actually, it's skewed in their favour). In addition its hard to see what that has to do with his tax returns?

Donald Trump, has said he would release his tax returns several times.

He topped the rant off with tweets about paid-for protesters and the military.

He did take a small break in the middle of it all though, to wish you a happy Easter.

Business as usual, then.

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