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United States President Donald Trump is telling allies and Twitter followers that it is the fault of the Democrats that the US Senate failed to pass a new budget.

The shutdown has prevented the funding of many federal services, which President Trump has blamed on the Democrats, calling it politically motivated.

While Trump blamed the Democrats for putting politics above their country, Democrats blamed Trump for rejecting bipartisan compromise deals. New York Democrat senator Chuck Schumer referred to it on the Senate floor as:

the Trump shutdown.

Since then, Twitter users have been making a common joke, referencing the bankruptcies of some of Trump's businesses.

Trump also released an image of him "working in the White House during the Democrat shutdown".

Twitter users were quick to mock the photo op, commenting that it looked contrived:

BBC News reports this is the first time a government shutdown has occurred while one party controls both Congress and the White House.

The vote on Friday fell short of the 60 needed to advance the bill that would fund the federal government for the coming weeks, totalling at 50-49. The Republicans hold 51 seats in the Senate, requiring some support from Democrats over the budget.

The Democrats have demanded protection from deportation of more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children, while the Republicans want more funding for border security, including the infamous wall, and immigration reforms as well as greater spending on military.

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