<p>Donald Trump is a huge McDonald’s fan</p>

Donald Trump is a huge McDonald’s fan

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An ex-bodyguard of Donald Trump has claimed that the former president still owes him money for a McDonald’s order from well over 10 years ago.

Kevin McKay, who worked for Trump for five years until 2012 told the Daily Mail that the real estate mogul still owes him a whopping $130 (£94) for an order placed in 2008.

“He told me he would pay me back, but he never did,” the 50-year-old claimed

“For much of the time I was working for him, I kept thinking he would say, ‘Kevin, here’s that money I owe you’, but it didn’t happen.

“I thought he was an okay guy when I first started working for him, but I guess as we have all come to see, he is not a man of his word.”

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McKay said that this happened, in of all places, Aberdeen, when Trump was heading to the airport in northeast Scotland after visiting one of his international gold courses.

Trump wanted the food for his flight back to New York and decided to order for his entire entourage.

The order was said to be “20 cheeseburgers and fries with around 10 or 15 Coca Colas” according McKay who added, “I think Mr Trump ordered two cheeseburgers with fries and a diet coke – that was his usual order and he always wanted McDonald’s to take with him on the private jet.”

It came to around £95 but Trump didn’t have any of the local currency with him so asked McKay to pay, telling him: “You’ll get it back.”

McKay who was only earning $2700 a month at the time claims that he never heard anything about the money after that.

Many have again ridiculed Trump for being so cheap.

Trump’s love of a ‘maccie d’s’ is well documented. He reportedly once requested White House chefs to recreate a Quarter Pounder.

In addition, his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that his typical dinner was two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish and a chocolate shake and there was the infamous time the victorious Clemson Tigers football team were rewarded for taking home a national title with a banquet of the Golden Arches’ signature menu.

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