Every time Donald and Melania Trump have faked holding hands with each other


The relationship between Donald and Melania Trump has probably experienced easier periods than what it has been through in the past few days.

The fallout from the Michael Cohen confession and the guilty charge given to his former campaign chief, Paul Manafort, means the president could be subject to criminal charges.

At this troubling point in his presidency, Trump will surely be needing a lot of love and affection - but he's unlikely to be receiving that from his wife.

Cohen has admitted that Trump instructed him to make 'hush payments' using money from his campaign fund to two women who were alleged to have had sexual encounters with Trump.

Although we can't be sure what is going on behind closed doors, we can only presume that Melania is continuing her trend of not holding Trump's hand, something that she has been doing in public for quite some time now.

Yet, it appears that upon closer inspection that Melania and Donald are masters at fake handholding, a peculiar art that is deceiving to the untrained eye.

Thanks to the author, Nell Scovell, we now have a comprehensive Twitter thread of all the times that the Trump's have faked holding hands and it's a magnificent document of how to act like your marriage is doing just fine.

Even when they do manage to hold hands it is the most awkward looking thing that you've ever seen.

The commitment from Trump here is truly admirable. ​

Oh... and who can possibly forget this astonishing photograph.

Will we be seeing more examples of fake hand-holding in the next few days? We can only wait and see.

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