Donald Trump believes that you should trust him more than what is reported in the media because he is good at guessing numbers.

In an interview with ABC News, the president was asked about the migrant caravan which is currently in Mexico, with the hope of making its way into Texas.

Although numbers are unconfirmed, there is believed to be around 7,000 people, mostly from Guatemala, making the journey, although the Mexican government has said it's closer to 3,600.

UNICEF reportedly believes that there are around 2,300 children in the group.

Trump, who has been accused of politicising the story for his own gains, has said that he believes the number is actually a lot higher based on his estimation skills.

He told ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl:

You have caravans coming up that look a lot larger than it’s reported actually.

I’m pretty good at estimating crowd size, and I’ll tell you they look a lot bigger than people would think.

Now, we shouldn't need to point out the obvious here, but Trump has something of a history of overestimating crowd sizes.

Back at the very start of his presidency, it was claimed that his inauguration was witnessed by the largest crowd ever.

It blatantly wasn't. You only had to look at a photo to see that this 'fact' wasn't true.

With this in mind, everyone started to make the same point.

In addition to this, Trump stated that he believes that as well as the number of people being larger than estimated, he also declared that there are a lot of young men involved, and that he plans to send up to 15,000 troops to the border to anticipate their arrival.

It’s very important. We have to have a wall of people - very highly trained people.

Terrific dedicated patriots, that's what they are. National emergency covers a lot of territory. They can't invade our country.

You look at that it almost looks like an invasion. It really does look like an invasion.

When you look at some of the people within the caravan, yeah, I think it could be considered an invasion of our country. They are some dangerous people. There are some rough people. 

It’s a lot of young people, lot of young men — they are pushing the women up to the front — not good — and the kids right up to the front.

HT New York Post

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