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Today during the presidential inauguration, the world could witness the debut of 'The Beast'.

And no, we're not talking about Donald Trump when he gets mad.

'The Beast', or as it's more officially known, 'Cadillac One', is the new presidential limousine set to replace outgoing President Barack Obama's vehicle.

Obama's car has been in use since 2009, but the Secret Service proposed a replacement in 2014, so this new Beast has been in development for more than two years.

Aptly described by the Sun as "essentially a medical centre encased in a tank but disguised as a limousine", it will replace the approximately 12-car fleet of the Obama administration (according to Autoweek).

It is set to make its worldwide debut today after Trump is sworn in, despite certain reports, including Driving.co.uk and Jalopnik.com, suggesting that the vehicle's unveiling could be delayed.

If all goes well, the vehicle will collect Trump from his inauguration to transport him along Pennsylvania Avenue for what security forces call 'the two-mile nightmare'.

It seems clear that Trump's divisiveness, protesters and dramatic unpopularity with large swathes of the population present a presidential security risk.

Despite the fact the vehicle's inner workers remain shrouded in secrecy, rest assured that like everything else Trump-related, it's going to be YUGE.

Reports so far suggest the following...

Key stats:

  • Fox News reports that General Motors were paid $15million to build the vehicle
  • Resembles a Cadillac Escalade sedan, but slightly longer (a similar look to the current vehicle)
  • Bulletproof windows and doors
  • Blast-proof diesel fuel tank
  • Able to withstand chemical and biological attacks
  • Equipped with tear gas cannons on rear bumper 
  • Includes a shotgun inside passenger compartment
  • Carries bottles of Trump's blood type
  • Underside is impervious to road bombs
  • Military-grade amour-plated, which means the doors are too heavy to open from the inside
  • Black and silver in look, but with camouflage paint to disguise certain security features
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art communications system
  • Life-support machine in case of injury
  • Going to defeat ISIS

OK, we made that last one up.

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