Two men standing in a gold-plated lift are claiming they've stuck it to the elite


It appears that Nigel Farage is currently the British politician closest to the ear of the 45th US president, Donald Trump.

Farage's decades-long campaign for the UK to leave the European Union finally culminated on 23 June 2016, when the country voted in his favour - large parts of the Leave vote coming from rural, less-educated, working class votes.

Trump's vote came from a similar demographic when he took a surprise victory in the United States Presidential election last week.

Both politicians won with anti-globalist, anti-establishment rhetoric, despite both of them coming from very privileged backgrounds.

Now while Theresa May has been criticised for being "back of the queue" to speak to the US president, Nigel Farage has been celebrating the victory with Donald in Trump tower.

Farage has repeatedly claimed that the US election was about 'ordinary people' overthrowing the establishment... interpretation some political commentators are trying to bend their ear to...

...he's in a gold lift, mate.

'Liberal elite' seems like a poor definition of the class these men are sticking it to - it seems to be more about the type of people who attempt to treat political office and discourse with any dignity or respect.

Trump's businesses has a mediocre business record filled with deals that exploited workers and customers.

He was elected on the back of nationalism, nativism and xenophobia.

We're probably justified in saying we're not sure this 'new political class' are looking out for hardworking people's everyday economic concerns.

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