People think Trump had his suit pants on backwards during a speech last night and they can’t stop laughing

Kate Plummer
Sunday 06 June 2021 14:46

People think that Donald Trump had his trousers on backwards yesterday and they can’t stop laughing.

Posting on Twitter, people are sharing screenshots of the former president’s most recent speech and claiming there is no zip on the front of his kecks, suggesting he put them on back to front:

Trump made a speech before the North Carolina Republican Party Saturday night in which he claimed China should “pay reparations” over the coronavirus pandemic and asked for “credit” for the USA’s vaccination programme.

He also repeated unsubstantiated claims about the validity of the 2020 election and defended his relationship with Vladimir Putin but all of this faded into the background because of his apparent wardrobe malfunction.

People racked their brains:

While others were concerned that the video may have been faked:

Whether Trump was just wearing the suit equivalent of jogging bottoms or he did indeed wake up in the morning and put his trousers on backwards still remains up for debate.

Funny, though.