On Saturday the president Trump failed to attend a First World War service in Aisne-Marna American cemetery in Belleau, France.

At the time the White House said that poor visibility due to rain had prevented the presidential helicopter from making the flight from France.

They added that the president did not want to cause traffic jams in Paris by making the trip by car.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders corroborated this with a statement to the press on Sunday. She said:

President Trump did not want to cause that kind of unexpected disruption to the city and its people.

On Sunday, the White House announced:

The President and First Lady’s trip to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial has been cancelled due to scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather.

In a series of tweets posted on Tuesday, Trump has now claimed that he suggested making the trip by car but the Secret Service told him that wasn't possible, before branding it as fake news.

By turning the attention on the secret service, Trump appears to be attempting to deflect the heavy criticism that he received at the weekend for missing the service.

People immediately began asking why he didn't have a backup plan and why he was so happy to blame the secret service for the decision - something which he could have easily overruled.

Others then made the obvious point of asking him how other world leaders managed to make it to the event despite having to contend with the same conditions.

Some also highlighted the conditions that the military have to endure each and every day as an example of why the rain wasn't that bad.

Maybe Trump received a similar order on Veterans Day, as he missed a service at Arlington National Cemetery which is in Washington DC.

Trump also managed to spell cemetery wrong, despite spelling it correctly earlier in the tweet.

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