Sean Spicer's weird ice cream rants have been unearthed on Twitter

Sean Spicer's weird ice cream rants have been unearthed on Twitter

In an era defined by its phrase of the year – ‘post- truth’ – Donald Trump’s Press Secretary appears to be following a similar, slightly ludicrous, trajectory.

Republican pundit Kellyanne Conway defended Spicer’s disparaging comments about the media and its accurate reporting of inauguration crowd sizes - Calling his comments, which have been widely disproved as false, “alternative facts”.

So, as he gets settled into his position as the White House's mouthpiece, his past activity online has been placed under a microscope.

And eagle-eyed Twitter sleuths have found something bizarre.

It turns out Spicer has a bit of a problem with Dippin Dots:

Apparently, it’s not ice cream.

It is though.

Picture:Picture: Dippin Dots/screengrab

He reiterated his point in 2011…

And appeared to celebrate when the company filed for bankruptcy a few months later:

He bemoaned its existence again in 2015...

But… Why?

Dippin Dots is a good sport, and on Monday, responded to Spicer with an open letter:

We understand that ice cream is a serious matter. And running out of your favourite flavour can feel like a national emergency! We’ve seen your tweets and would like to be friends rather than foes. After all, we believe in connecting the dots.

We can even afford to treat the White House and press corps to an ice cream social. What do you say? We’ll make sure there are plenty of all your favourite flavours.

And it’s not just ice cream.

Spicer threw monumental shade at Daft Punk in 2014, too.

Picture:Picture: Ethan Miller/istock

In 2014 he told the musical duo that they were “blowing it”, despite the fact that they’ve been nominated for and have won a number of Grammy Awards.

Maybe you should pay closer attention to the alternative truths your president might drop, not Dippin Dots.

Just a suggestion.

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