CNN refused to broadcast any of Trump’s speech calling it a ‘propaganda video’

On Wednesday Donald Trump spoke at the White House in what he dubbed his 'most important speech ever' where he rambled for 46 minutes about baseless voter fraud claims, many of which have already been dismissed as false.

The president 's speech was shared on Facebook Live and was littered with so many inaccuracies that CNN refused to broadcast a single second of the speech, comparing it to propaganda .

Speaking shortly after Trump released his video, CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta said during The Situation Room :

"A short while ago, the president released what is essentially a propaganda video on Facebook repeating some of the same lies he and his team have told about the election results.

"We are not showing you any excerpts because the allegations made by the president have been rejected in the courts as well as by state election officials from both parties, not to mention from his own attorney general and the video we should note was produced over here at the White House on the White House grounds, not in view of the press. Reporters were not in the room when the president made these comments."

This refusal by CNN to air Trump's speech or even repeat any of his claims was also highlighted by fellow CNN anchor Erin Burnett, who accused the president of knowing what he was saying to be untrue.

She said:

"Trump is also releasing a 46-minute video full of baseless claims about voter fraud which we are not going to air clips of because to do so would amplify things that are factually untrue, and the president knows to be factually untrue."

The president has been trumpeting claims about voter fraud and spreading unfounded conspiracy theories, all of which have thus far proven to be untrue and numerous legal cases have been dismissed by courts.

Trump's relentless pursuit of this narrative, despite the transition process for the incoming Biden-Harris administration beginning, has seen him rack up more than 230 warnings on Twitter for spreading baseless claims.

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