Donald Trump said he turned down Time's Person of the Year and everyone is making the same joke


President Donald Trump has made some pretty bold claims in his life.

Take the size of his penthouse for example, and that winery he allegedly owned.

However, his latest boast might be one the most peculiar yet.

After being named Time magazine's" Person of the Year" in 2016, Mr Trump has now said he was "probably" going to win the honour again this year.

Except there was one small problem.

Trump stated in a tweet that the magazine wanted to interview and photograph him, but he wasn't particularly keen this year - so thanks but no thanks.

Mr Trump is usually quite keen to broadcast his achievements, on Twitter and in public appearances - so it seems a little strange that he would turn down the chance to be a two-time "Person of the Year".

Other people aren't buying Trump's excuse either, and are mercilessly mocking him on Twitter.

CNN host Brian Stelter contacted Time for a comment and confirmed that the publication typically contacts all the contenders for the award and ask for an interview, even if they aren't the chosen as the final winner.

MSNBC's political analyst Richard Stengel also confirmed this via Twitter.

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