Here's how Donald Trump's 'new presidential' style compares with the men who held the office before him

Greg Evans
Sunday 02 July 2017 16:00
Donald Trump's Immigration chief says the President is wrong about undocumented immigrants and crime(NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

US President Donald Trump has done and said a lot since he was sworn into the White House in January.

He says his ambition is to 'Make America Great Again', but it's not exactly how the last six months have played out.

Take for instance his first 100 days - which weren't exactly a glowing endorsement of him or his administration.

In that time he signed an executive order which (briefly, before being challenged by a judge) banned the entry of Muslims into the United States, pulled his country out of both the Paris Accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and heightened tensions with China and North Korea.

He also sacked the head of the FBI and launched several attacks on what he likes to call the 'Fake News Media' from his Twitter account.

Sharing videos like this two days before Independence Day, seems to be the hallmark of a "Modern Day President".

Other presidents did things a little differently in their first 100 days.

His predecessor Barack Obama signed a $800 billion stimulus package which aimed to combat the recession.

He also introduced the Troubled Asset Relief program and Auto industry bailout.

In the 90s Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act.

John F. Kennedy established the peace corps.

Harry S. Truman ended World War II in Europe.

George Bush Senior submitted plans to bail out savings and loans.

They even had better quotes.

There has been a backlash.

Sadly we'll never get to know how Lincoln, FDR or Washington would have handled themselves as 'Modern Day Presidents' but at least we can look to Obama for some type of comparison:

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