While Donald Trump argues with football players, people are dying in Puerto Rico


Over the weekend, the US President sparked a huge protest from NFL football players, yet has failed to mention a disaster on American soil.

This came after the President posted several tweets condemning footballers for kneeling during the national anthem (as opposed to the usual practice of standing during the anthem).

The 71-year-old's comments were aimed at Colin Kaepernick who began taking a knee last year in protest to police violence towards African-Americans.

This controversial stance from the Commander in Chief prompted a huge response from NFL players on Sunday.

A small but significant number of players took to their knees during the national anthems in protest, while others, along with coaches and owners, linked arms in a show of unity.

President Trump then called for football fans to boycott the NFL and for teams to fire players who show disrespect to the United States and its flag.

He continued to talk about it at a rally in Alabama on Saturday, labelling the players 'sons of b*****s.'

The President even chose to thank fans and athletes in other sports who didn't take the knee over the weekend, and he invited NHL champions the Pittsburgh Penguins to the White House.

As all this was going on President Trump failed to once mention to destruction that Hurricane Maria has caused to Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States.

After an initial pledge of support on Thursday, the President's Twitter feed has not deigned to speak on the matter of the disaster in Puerto Rico.

The storm which hit the island over the weekend has been severe. Hurricane Maria killed 13 people and the almost entire population is without power, water or phone networks.

Maria has caused untold devastation in the Caribbean area, claming 33 lives in total. This comes just weeks after Hurricane Irma hit the region.

As of Sunday, the BBCreported that a major dam in Puerto Rico could still collapse, which could lead to the risk of flooding.

Donald Trump's virtual silence on the issue has provoked widespread backlash from Twitter users, including his former election opponent Hillary Clinton.

Many were also quick to point out how preoccupied the President has been with the NFL opposed to the humanitarian crisis on his doorstep.

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