Donald Trump is still tweeting about Hillary Clinton. Yes, really.

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Somebody should really tell Donald Trump that the Presidential Election was nearly a year ago.

He is no longer campaigning against Hillary Clinton. That he keeps mentioning her, paints him as a sore winner.

However, Trump being Trump, he just can't resist mocking his former opponent, rather than getting on with the day job.

His latest jibe at the former First Lady came in the form of a meme poking fun at the title of Clinton's new book, which is her account of the 2016 election.

It came from a pro Trump Twitter account which the President retweeted.

Picture:Picture: Twitter/Screengrab

It was sent to him in a comment after he posted a video of him visiting rescue crews and victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Thousands of people have lost their homes in Texas and 47 others have died.

People definitely weren't laughing and smiling along with the President.

He has since gone back to tweeting more serious messages but is this seriously the kind of behaviour we expect from the Commander-in-Chief?

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