Earlier this year at the White House Correspondents Association dinner comedian Michelle Wolf made headlines across the world when she targetted Trump and members of his administration in a controversial yet hilarious monologue.

Wolf's public dressing down of Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn't received that well by Trump's team and perhaps in an attempt to avoid a similar scenario they have decided to not have a comedian at next's years dinner.

Instead they have opted for the author and historian Ron Chernow for the 2019 edition of the event.

This was confirmed on Tuesday by the WHCA in a press release and although the next instalment of the dinner is unlikely to be as newsworthy, it has obviously pleased Donald Trump, who tweeted his delight at the news and might even just attend.

As you'll probably be aware, Trump is remarkably thin skinned when it comes to any type of criticism and has anticipated being roasted at the dinner, thus he hasn't attended either of the events during his two years as president.

The news hasn't been received well by everyone with Wolf branding the WHCA as "cowards" before lambasting Trump, by making reference to his poor to the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Unfortunately for Trump, it's possible that Chernow might not go so easy on him, after all the material that Trump has given the world in the past 12 months would be foolish to ignore, regardless of the speakers profession.

HT Mashable

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