TikTok user shares video of delivery men shaming her hairless cat
TikTok user shares video of delivery men shaming her hairless cat

A pair of delivery drivers were caught on a doorbell security camera trash-talking a hairless cat.

Homeowner Melissa McCormick spotted the moment when reviewing footage from her doorstep, and posted the hilarious clip to TikTok.

“Now I know how people feel about our Sphynx cat,” McCormick captioned the video, along with hashtags #mycatisawesome and #yourballsarenotascute.

Don’t worry, that last hashtag will make sense once you see the clip.

In the video, one of the delivery driver’s points to Dublin and says, “Yuck,” while the other says, “How do people hold those things, man?” after knocking on the door.

The criticism of poor Dublin continued, with one of the delivery drivers calling him “disgusting” and commenting that all hairless cats resembled his testicles once shaved: “They all look like my balls when I shave,” he said.

Moments after the video was uploaded, users came to Dublin’s defense. Some even commented that poor Dublin was a victim of body shaming.

“Poor cat got harassed,” one user commented.

“Lmao your cat sitting in the window innocently just getting absolutely roasted,” wrote another.

Hopefully the video doesn’t affect Dublin’s self-esteem too badly.

You can watch the full video here

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