A double rainbow appeared over the White House as Donald Trump left Washington

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Donald Trump left the White House on Thursday afternoon to attend a rally in West Virginia.

Some may interpret it as a miracle or sign of a higher power, but not long after his departure one of nature's great spectacles appeared above 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

That's right, a beautiful double rainbow formed above the White House when the President wasn't there. Perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?

Images of the spectacular moment predictably began to do the rounds on Twitter.

Soon people began to point out the beauty of a rainbow appearing while Trump was out of town.

Trump supporters felt that there was some divine intervention involved.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who still believes in magic, but in reality the rainbows were formed after a storm in the American capital.

Either way, there is a level of beauty in the timing of this.

Just a few days ago, Golf Magazinereportedthat Trump was not a big fan of his new home, having described it as 'a real dump,' to members of his National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

That quote was later denied by White House officials and Trump himself.

Trump and his family are now on a 17-day vacation at a golf course, so perhaps there will be a few more rainbows.

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