450,000 people are attending a Downing St ‘Christmas rave’ organised on Facebook

450,000 people are attending a Downing St ‘Christmas rave’ organised on Facebook

.A ‘Christmas rave’ that is supposedly happening at Downing Street has had nearly half a million people on Facebook confirm they are attending, in a further mockery of the government’s response to the growing scandal inside Number 10.

The event, which has been organised by DJ Jon Mancini, says in its description: “MASSIVE RAVE AT 10 DOWNING STREET. LINE UP. BORIS JOHNSTON & CHUMS. No social distancing required. Bring Who you like. Bring your own Nibbles and drink.”

The ‘rave’ which is set for 6pm on Christmas Eve has so far had more than 450,000 Facebook users confirm that they are attending with more than 316,000 registering their interest in the party.

As you can imagine, the discussion section on that particular Facebook event has become something of free for all, with many people posting memes and jokes about the Conservatives. As LadBible reports, one person even decided to contact the Met Police.

A screengrab that was posted on the group shows a DM that one person sent to the police that says: “Hey Guys! Giving you a heads up on a relatively small rave happening on 24th Dec at 10 Downing St. Feel free to turn off your body cams and scanners and get absolutely t***ted with us. (we won’t grass on yer)”

An alleged reply from the police said: “We have already been made aware of this.“Thank you.” This comes after The Met Police confirmed that it will not investigate the party based on an “absence of evidence”.

Obviously, this is a very clever skewering of the controversy surrounding the alleged Downing Street party that is said to have taken place last December while London was in a tier 3 lockdown, when people were prevented from attending large indoor gatherings.

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For around a week or so, the government denied that the party ever happened and even if it did, that Covid rules were followed.

However, on Tuesday evening, ITV News broke footage that was reportedly recorded just days after the party was said to have taken place on December 18th.

In the clip several Downing Street staffers, including the now-former press secretary Allegra Stratton, are seen laughing and joking about a party taking place and saying that there was cheese and wine and no social distancing before adding that it was “a business meeting”.

Stratton, who resigned from her position in government on Wednesday following the backlash to the video, did tell her former colleague Ed Oldfield, an advisor to the prime minister, that she “went home”.

During PMQs on Wednesday, Boris Johnson said that an investigation into the party will be carried out by the cabinet secretary Simon Case, but Number 10 said he would only investigate one party, despite there being reports of several government parties happening last December.

However, Johnson later suggested during a press conference that Mr Case could go further than just reviewing the events of December 18 and “look at other things”.

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