Man jailed for wrapping bandages around his head to take driving theory tests for others

Man jailed for wrapping bandages around his head to take driving theory tests for others
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A man who was taking driving theory tests for other people by wrapping a bandage around his head has been arrested after his scam was discovered by staff members.

28-year-old Izmir Senaj, from East Ham, London had reportedly used numerous excuses for his head injuries at several DVSA sites across the country where he was doing tests for people who had agreed to let him do them on their behalf.

His scheme eventually came to an end in Swindon, when a staff member had recognised him from a wanted appeal and contacted the police.

Senaj has since pleaded guilty on four counts of fraud at a Swindon crown court and was given a jail sentence of two years and four months.

Judge Jason Taylor QC is quoted by The Metro as saying: “Your actions show a callous disregard for the system which is designed to ensure that only those qualified to drive safely get behind the wheel of a car. This could have had significant consequences both for road users and pedestrians and therefore my public duty requires me to reflect that.”

This is far from the first time that Senaj had been jailed for the scam. He had been convicted twice before on driving test fraud charges and with his latest crime being committed while on a licence.

The court heard that he had attended four different test centres in the south of England where he had a variety of excuses for his ‘injuries’ such as falling off a ladder and being struck in the head while working on a building site.

However, he was not allowed to take all of his tests as staff in Hastings recognised him after he had turned up at a site in Eastbourne, causing Senaj to promptly leave. He was also turned away from a test centre in Harlow as DVLA staff were unconvinced that he was the Serbian man who was on the provisional licence that he presented at the front desk.

He was eventually caught at a DVSA test centre in Swindon in January 2019 where a staff member allowed him to take his test while she secretly rang the police. Speaking to fraud investigators, Senaj claimed that he owed gambling debts to at least two of the people that he had impersonated.

In total, he has now received five convictions for 28 offences.

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