Plaque appears in Dublin for man who went viral by slipping on ice 10 years ago

Ten years ago, 'the guy who slipped on the ice' became a viral sensation when he fell on a patch of ice during a live TV segment.

Over the years there’s been many attempts to find out the identity of the man, who became an unlikely viral superstar thanks to an icy Dublin street.

The clip came from an RTÉ news segment from Dublin's Church Street. But now, ten years on, his viral tumble has been honoured with a special commemorative plaque, which was erected by beer company Coors.

The plaque reads:

In honour of 'The guy who slipped on the ice' on RTÉ News January 8th 2010.

Your memory lives on.

Conor McIntyre, Senior Brand Manager at Coors Light said:

There are a few key moments on Irish television that are memorable enough to talk about again and again. We felt this deserved a resurgence.

We've recently completed The Rockies Awards, rewarding victories in life, big and small and we thought this lad definitely deserved some recognition for making it on to RTÉ News, ten years ago!

According to the cameraman who filmed the incident, the crew checked in with the man after the fall, so it’s definitely okay to laugh about it.

Still, it’s perplexing that he’s never come forward.

The mystery continues...

HT: Lad Bible

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