Binman dragged into rubbish truck narrowly escapes death

Binman dragged into rubbish truck narrowly escapes death

Being a refuse collector is one of the most dangerous jobs out there.

With even death being a possibility on the job, bin men have to be careful with the machinery they're using.

One video, shot in Birmingham, shows just how dangerous it can be. The video shows a man being dragged into a refuse lorry, where he could potentially be crushed to death or seriously injured.

He appears to be putting planks of wood in the back of the lorry, but his clothes suddenly get caught on the lifting mechanism.

He's thrown into the back of the truck, seconds away from being seriously hurt, when a colleague steps in to press a button and stop the machinery.

The man who shot the video toldBirmingham Live he was "shocked" when he saw it. "The binman is literally a second away from being crushed to death. If his colleague hadn't seen what happened and rushed to his aid he would probably be dead. This incident needs to be investigated by Birmingham City Council. It is shocking." he said.

He wishes to remain anonymous.

H/T: Birmingham Live

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