Scottish football player Jamie Robson sparked outrage after a picture of him with his skin painted black for his team's Christmas party was posted on social media.

In the Snapchat picture, the Dundee United star is seen with painted black skin, wearing a high-vis jacket, an umbrella hat, and two signs advertising sunglasses and bracelets reading “cheap as chips” and “buy 1 get 5 free”. It is believed he is stereotyping an African selling goods on a beach.

Many took to social media to voice their anger over the picture of the 20-year-old defender.

Robbie Nelson, the manager of the Dundee United football club, vowed to take action, saying: “I spoke to him briefly this morning. We will chat again later with him and the club will deal with it in-house.”

He continued:

We are a big football club and we get a lot of exposure. The players, staff and everyone associated with it needs to realise that. The standards at this football club have to be kept at the highest level.

He is an employee of the football club, so there is confidentiality there as well, but everyone has to remember they are representing the club and the fans.

Previously, Robson has been under scrutiny after footage of him drinking a something from a pint glass while behind the wheel of a car was posted on Snapchat almost a year ago.

He was apparently talked to, but the club took no further action as say said they were satisfied the drink was not alcoholic

HT The Sun

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