If you thought 2018 would be the year that all white people would realise that darkening their skin to dress as a black person is racist, you’d be wrong.

A London tube passenger spotted wearing “blackface” on the tube.

The woman can be heard saying “It’s a bit racist that you put black make-up on”, trying to calmly point out the various ethical issues with Halloween costumes like this. When confronted by the passenger, the man shrugged and asked “Why not?”

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption “It’s 2018? How is this still happening?”

Given that blackface has been in the news recently, with NBC host Megyn Kelly coming under fire for defending it, the man’s apparently nonchalant attitude is particularly concerning.

Twitter users were quick to call out the man’s actions.

Although, depressingly, some people did defend him.

Though a tweet by a woman calling herself Black Avalanche explained the issue perfectly.

It’s not the fact that he is dressed up as someone black, it’s the fact he painted his face black. ‘Blackface was always used (by white people) as something negative. They would exaggerate our features and make fun of us. Dressing up, fine. Blackface, never acceptable

H/T Metro

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