Brexit: DUP MEP mocks Theresa May meeting European leaders by tweeting picture of Oliver Twitst begging

Brexit: DUP MEP mocks Theresa May meeting European leaders by tweeting picture of Oliver Twitst begging

On Tuesday, Theresa May went on a whistle-stop tour of Berlin and Paris to meet with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel as she attempted to obtain approval for a longer Brexit extension.

It's the latest chapter in Theresa May's thoroughly shambolic tenure as prime minister and another embarrassing moment for the government.

It's so embarrassing that even Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, which has been supporting the Tory party, think it is a joke.

Nigel Dodds, the DUP's Westminister leader, labelled the talks are 'humiliating' and 'embarrassing' and accused May of taking 'a begging bowl to European leaders'.

The talks between the prime minister and the leaders of France and Germany is humiliating and embarrassing for the United Kingdom.

The problems the prime minister is attempting to solve were not created by the decision to leave the European Union, rather the ineffective negotiations by the prime minister to implement that decision

Nearly three years after the referendum the UK is today effectively holding out a begging bowl to European leaders.

This was followed by Nigel's wife, Diane Dodds, a DUP MEP, tweeting a picture of Olivier Twist begging for 'more' food, accompanied with the hashtags #May #Merkel #Macron.

It's hardly subtle from the Dodds. We bet they compared notes the night before and concluded that this was the best joke that they could possibly make about the situation.

Yeah, great one guys. You're killing it out here...

The DUP leader took a more direct approach in criticising the prime minister, stating that May's activities in the past few weeks have been 'painful' to watch.

She needed to be strong, she needed to show leadership, and I’m sorry to say that hasn’t been evident in these past couple of months.

I find it quite painful to watch what’s going on at this present moment in time, it is rather humiliating that we are having to go and beg so that we can leave.

To be honest we prefer SNP MP, Mhairi Black, who mocked Brexit by using the classic 'living footage of the UK trying to leave the EU' meme.

Anyway, at the time of writing, the UK is due to crash out of the EU on April 12. This depends on the EU approval of the exit date of June 30, which MPs voted for last night.

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