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Please ensure that all electronic devices are switched off and in flight safe mode.

We've all heard it countless times on a plane - but undoubtedly, many of us have ignored it and carried on surreptitiously Instaspamming our friends.

And quietly worrying about whether our social media addiction is going to single-handedly bring the aircraft down?

Well, probably not.

But according to this easyJet pilot, Chris Foster, accidentally leaving your phone or tablet on during take off probably won't cause any harm.

"Aircraft control systems are so sophisticated now, that they wouldn't cause any interference,"

Foster explains.

The regulations date back many years to when we didn't even have things like iPads.

The laws are start ing to be relaxed - you can now use your devices in flight safety mode - and I think we'll see more changes over the next few years.

Foster also said that, despite your worst fears, it's not possible for someone to open the door while in the air.

The aircraft is pressurised and the doors are what we call ' plug doors', which prevents them from being opened until the pressure is released.

And in case you were really worried, getting struck by lightning isn't the fastest route to doom either.

Aircraft are built to withstand being struck by lightning and other weather interference.

But we also use tools and instruments such as weather radar to avoid bad weather, so the chance of being hit by lightning is remote.

A bird in the engine, on the other hand...

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