Ed Miliband made the most hilarious reference to that bacon sandwich photo

Jeremy Selwyn/ Twitter

Cast your mind back to 2014. It was only five years ago but it already feels like an eternity.

Brexit was merely a policy pledge by David Cameron in the Tory election manifesto, Donald Trump wasn't president and England were still bad at football.

The upcoming 2015 general election was shaping up nicely from a Labour perspective as people were hopeful that the Ed Miliband led party could topple Cameron's Conservatives, who were in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Things were all going well for Miliband ahead of his campaign tour around the UK but it all went very wrong for him when he went to meet some working people in a greasy spoon cafe and was confronted with a bacon sandwich.

What happened next can only be described as a catastrophe as his attempts to eat the bacon sarnie made him look like he had just tasted the foulest thing imaginable and images of him eating the snack ended up everywhere.

The incident probably wasn't responsible for Labour losing that election but it really didn't help and that moment has followed Miliband around like a bad smell ever since. There's even an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to it.

However, since he stepped down as Labour leader we've seen a lighter and more comedic sign of Miliband who is not afraid of mocking himself in a very honest and refreshing manner.

This brings us to the present and on Friday afternoon Miliband responded to an ITV News tweet asking if you could 'cut your meat intake to half a rasher to save the planet?'

His response was short, to the point and above all hilarious.

The tweet soon went viral, picking up more than 1000 retweets in less than an hour and people were loving it.

People soon began to wish that time travel was real so they could stop Miliband from eating that sandwich.

Still, nothing like voting for chaos with Ed Miliband.

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