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Who can deny the fact that Ed Miliband is a complete and utter legend?

Not only was he the leader of the Labour Party and opposition government from 2010 to 2015, he's also an absolute sass pot when it comes to Twitter. And, who doesn't love a sass pot on Twitter?

Anyway, he's proved his status as sass-pot-in-chief on a number of occasions since that awkward moment with a bacon sandwich saw him relegated to the political history books.

Now, there's no way he'd miss the chance of offering a seriously hot take on the absolute state of disarray that is the current government attempting to negotiate Brexit.

Taking to Twitter, he offered the (outgoing?) prime minister Theresa May some sage advice - that she host a podcast.

.@theresa_may If it goes wrong tonight I can promise you a bright future in podcasting...

Ooof, Ed mate!


It's no secret that since his resignation as leader of the Labour Party in 2015, he's had a bit of a 'Millinaissance', with the launch of his podcast 'Reasons to be Cheerful'.

Co-hosted by Geoff Lloyd, the show sees the pair thrash out ways to improve the world with comedians and experts, revealing Ed as a warm and witty host - and shrugging off all of the weirdness and constraint that he appeared to feel while in the world of politics.

So, perhaps he thinks it's just what the doctor ordered for the 'Maybot'?

Many people on Twitter seemed to agree - and also expressed their love for everyone's favourite Miliband.

Milifandom LIVES!


Internet has been won. No one else need apply.

Miliband or... MILLIBANTS! Geddit?

Why didn't you go for the Crunchy Nut? Why? WHYYYY?

Pod & Stable - oh, the cheek of it.

Wrong and unable - that's more like it.

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