We've had stories on David Cameron's shed, Theresa May running around in fields of wheat, Ed Balls dancing Gangnam Style - and even had to listen to Iain Duncan Smith rapping.

But now, in the running theme of 'Politicians doing completely bizarre things,' we have a brand new entry.

Ed Miliband trying to scream like a death metal vocalist.

The former Labour leader is currently standing in for Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 all week. There's been intelligent discussion on Islamophobia, jokes about Brexit and tracks by The Beatles. He even hosted a phone-in about toilets...

Today, he hosted a discussion posing the crucial question: "Why does anyone like death metal?"

He invited Mark 'Barney" Greenway, frontman of heavy metal band Napalm Death, to join him.

He was so excited that this happened.

No one could really cope.

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