Eight-year-old starts baking business to build his mother a house
Picture: ABC30/YouTube/screengrab

Not everyone can create Selasi Gbormittah’s Great British Bake Off confectionery beauties.

Perhaps eight-year-old Jalen Bailey can.

Bailey has even started up his own bakery. And if that isn’t heart-warming enough, his reasoning is even better:

He told ABC30:

I wanted to save up a lot of money to get a house…I just want one that me and my mum can be happy in.

Picture: ABC30/YouTube/screengrab

He opened the bakery from his mum’s Californian rented home in July, and orders have been coming in since.

Picture: ABC30/YouTube/screengrab

Bailey bakes cakes, cookies, banana bread, muffins and tarts, and sells them for between $5 to $15 (£3.50- £12).

His mother, Sharlonda Mahan said:

I've had side businesses since I was 18 so I felt that it was something he needed to learn…if he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he grows up or it's something he wanted to do on the side.

You can find his sweet baked goods on the Jalen's Bakery Facebook page.

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