Here are all the constituencies where 'not voting' would have won

Louis Dor
Friday 09 June 2017 09:30

In 2015, not voting would have won the general election if it were a party, picking up 345 seats in the process, edging out the Conservatives' 208.

This election, due to increased turnout, it would have only picked up 153 seats. with the Conservatives being the party with the most seats, but falling short of a majority with only 285.

Labour would have also edged out the 'Apathy Party' with 186 seats.

Here's what the final seat counts would have looked like (barring the delayed incoming results of the Kensington constituency):

Conservative, 285

Labour, 186

Apathy, 153

Lib Dem, 12

Sinn Fein, 5

SNP, 2

DUP, 2

Green, 1

Plaid Cymru, 1

So was your constituency won by lethargy?

Check in the map below (Kensington is marked N/A for now):


The UK has risen to a hung parliament this morning after shock losses for the Conservative party occurred in the 2017 general election.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party increased their share of the vote by 9.6 per cent. while Theresa May's Tories increased by 5.5 per cent.

The Liberal Democrats, Greens and SNP saw small losses, while Ukip's vote was extremely poor.

Methodology note: The 'Apathy Party' is calculated by subtracting the votes for candidates from the electorate, therefore spoiled ballots are (perhaps misleadingly) counted as non-voting Apathy party supporters.

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