Ironically, Tory MPs might be using WhatsApp encryption to plot Theresa May's downfall

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Conservative MPs are reportedly plotting the end of Theresa May's premiership via the very communication method she has campaigned against for so long - encrypted WhatsApp messages.

It's almost as beautiful as calling a snap election, after repeatedly promising you wouldn't, to "strengthen your mandate," only to end up with a minority government forced into discussions with the DUP.

According to reports in the Washington Post, some Conservative MPs are now using WhatsApp to discuss who they could replace her with:

Former minister Ed Vaizey told the BBC that he supports May staying on, but that Tories were discussing possible replacements.

Asked whether members were calling one another to plot May's ouster this weekend, he denied it.

'That's so 20th century,' he said. 'It's all on WhatsApp.'

As part of her campaign May pledged wide-ranging internet regulation plans which could force internet companies to let intelligence services read private communications.

The manifesto read:

Some people say it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet. We disagree.

The Tories demand that social media companies - like WhatsApp, for example - remove privacy features in order to 'better combat terrorism', as opposed to not cutting police numbers.

The Investigatory Powers act, commonly known as the 'Snooper's Charter', came into law in December granting security services some of the widest-ranging spying powers in the world and permitting authorities to read browsing records.

The Prime Minister's plans to regulate the internet and encryption were criticised as "making life easier for terrorists" by campaign group Open Rights Groups.

Jim Killock, the campaign group's executive director, said:

If successful, Theresa May could push these vile networks into even darker corners of the web, where they will be even harder to observe.

Last December, The Telegraph reportedthat Conservative Brexiteers operated within a WhatsApp group of more than 40 members, apparently to agree 'lines to take' in public appearances.

Steve Baker, a Tory MP and group admin said at the time:

That requires instant communication, which is what we use the WhatsApp group for... It is extremely effective.

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