The moments from the Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn election debate that everyone's talking about

ITV / Twitter

Elections in the UK mean several things: buses, Twitter scandals and, since 2010, televised leaders’ debates.

Televised debates are a fascinating spectacle. Standing awkwardly in a TV studio jousting for our votes, they’re as unpredictable as they are excruciating.

There were plenty of stand-out moments from the first showdown between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

First off, people noticed that the set for the ITV debate closely resembled gameshow The Cube.

Then the frankly hilarious part were the audience laughing in Boris Johnson's face because he said that he thinks 'truth matters'.

One person even yells: Tell the truth then'

Then Johnson tried the old line that Labour would result in a “coalition of chaos”. But people pointed out a that, as Corbyn fired back, there’s been “nine years of chaotic coalitions already”.

There was also the awkward moment where Boris Johnson announced that he thinks the monarchy is 'beyond reproach'.

Then someone from the audience, rather bizarrely, asked the pair which Christmas present they’d get each other. Corbyn settled on A Christmas Carol and Johnson, after much indecision, went for jam.

People weren’t impressed with the question…

Then there was the pressing issue of Jeremy Corbyn’s glasses.

But the biggest story of the night happened outside the TV studio.

The Conservatives were accused of spreading “fake news” and “playing from the Trump playbook” by rebranding their official account as “Fact Check UK”.

The account, which appears to the naked eye as an impartial fact-checker, live-tweeted the debate to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s performance.

This prompted Twitter to issue a warning and say it’d ban the account if it does it again.

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