This clip of Elizabeth Warren's first ever TV interview is proof that she should be the next president

This clip of Elizabeth Warren's first ever TV interview is proof that she should be the next president

A clip of what is apparently Elizabeth Warren's first ever TV interview has resurfaced and gone viral again this week.

The video was shared last night by left-wing activist and filmmaker Adam Best, and shows Warren on The Daily Show in 2009. He claims that it was her first TV appearance, three years before becoming a senator, and she threw up repeatedly backstage because she was so nervous, before going on to perfectly explain the problem with the Republican stance of minimising regulation in financial services.

She explains that ever 10 to 15 years since 1792 the country sees a "financial panic" which causes an economic collapse. This goes on until after the Great Depression, which saw the US introduce financial regulation. As a result, she argues, the country does not suffer a big crisis for 50 years until the S&L (savings and loans) crisis, which she says was caused by the fact that deregulation had begun.

Warren is of course talking about the reaction to the 2008 financial crash, and makes the point that some regulations could help lead to prosperity and stability, while a free for all would create a cycle of boom-and-bust.

In response to her incresible two-minute explanation, Jon Stewart - as the crowd goes wild - replies:

That is the first time in probably six months to a year that I've felt better. I don't know what you did right there, but that was like financial chicken soup for me. Thank you.

People were very into the vintage clip.

Some remembered the moment.

Many made the point that her ability to explain complex economic issues in ways everyone can understand has always been one of her greatest strengths.

Others gave even more context to the clip.

And pretty much everyone agreed it perfectly encapsulates why she should win the Democratic nomination.

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