Trump Jr swamped by impeachment jokes after asking people to name a 'Democrat accomplishment'

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By now Donald Trump Jr should know better than anyone about making grand statements on Twitter that almost always come back to haunt him.

Taking to Twitter the president's son moaned about the lack the impeachment of his father who in his eyes had just struck a "great trade deal" with China.

The 42-year-old wrote:

Today we saw @realDonaldTrump stand up for America & the American working class & strike a great trade deal, while the #DoNothingDemocrats continue their 3-year smear campaign of a president that is finally getting things done.

Interesting use of an ampersand and the word "finally" there Don, but OK.

If he would have just tweeted that, it would have probably been fine but he did add a question that he wanted people to dwell upon?

Name a single Democrat accomplishment?

Trump Jr really didn't think about this did he?

Sure, enough people began to bombard him with examples of what Democrats achieved most of which involved impeaching his father.

Here are a few other achievements from the Democrats.

How about we list some of the GOP's achievements...

Always happy to see the return of 'green shirt guy.'

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