Man with Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip shares Tweet 'just by thinking'

Man with Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip shares Tweet 'just by thinking'
Elon Musk reveals footage of first Neuralink brain chip user playing video …
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Elon Musk's first Neuralink patient has revealed he can share a Tweet on X/Twitter 'just by thinking'.

Noland Arbaugh, 29, received the implant back in January. He recently turned to the platform on Friday, joking: ''Twitter banned me because they thought I was a bot, and @X and @elonmusk reinstated me because I am."

This led to a back-and-forth between Arbaugh and the tech mogul, with Musk responding: "First ever post made just by thinking, using the @Neuralnk Telepathy device!"

It comes after the company showcased a nine-minute video of Arbaugh, who is paralysed from a diving accident, moving a cursor with his mind.

The footage also shows him playing a game of chess and turning off the laptop's music.

In response to the video, Musk wrote: "Long-term, it is possible to shunt the signals from the brain motor cortex past the damaged part of the spine to enable people to walk again and use their arms normally."

The footage was soon inundated with thousands of comments, with one optimistic user suggesting: "This is the next big step towards a future in which blindness and paralysis will effectively be cured."

Another positive comment read: "This is very good news. Many lives will be changed for good."

Meanwhile, one sceptic wrote: "I've seen enough dystopian sci-fi films to know that there's a 100 percent chance this ends horribly for humankind."

Neuralink is currently working on its first round of clinical trials for its 'Prime Study' (Precise Robotically Implanted Brain-Computer Interface).

Budding participants for the trial (said to take around six years to complete) can now register their interest.

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