Emily Maitlis grills Brexit Party MEP for taking an EU salary and living in France

Emily Maitlis grills Brexit Party MEP for taking an EU salary and living in France

The Brexit Party have only been in the European Parliament for one day and they are already causing a stink and not in a good way.

Not only did they all turn their backs on the European anthem but their leader Nigel Farage went on to call the EU the 'ancient states of Europe.'

To complete this hat-trick of embarrassment, one of the party's MEPs, Brian Monteith appeared on Newsnight where he was grilled by host Emily Maitlis.

The Brexit Party's presence in the European Parliament was always going to be contentious due to them basically opposing the existence of the institution in every conceivable manner.

Maitlis questioned Monteith on this issue, firstly bringing up the fact that the MEPs are more than happy to pocket the EU salary that they are receiving.

Just clarify - because you are clearly horrified by the EU parliament and all it stands for - just clarify that you don't take salary from that parliament and expenses will you?

The former Scottish Conservative replied with:

Of course, I take a salary, I have made substantial financial sacrifice, as have many of my colleagues, to be there to protest.

The salary is respectfully ours because it's paid for by the British taxpayers who have put us there to be there their voice.

So I have no problem and no shame in taking the salary.

Maitlis then compared the Brexit Party to Sinn Fein, the nationalist Northern Irish party, who despite holding seven seats in the House of Commons refuse to take their place in parliament and do not take a salary.

Monteith did not care for this comparison.

We are certainly not Sinn Fein! I make no apologies for saying the Brexit Party is not like Sinn Fein.

Later in the interview, Monteith would be called upon the fact that he doesn't actually live in the UK but actually takes residence in France.

She asked the Brexiteer if he still lived there or had moved back to the UK which he had previously stated his intention to do.

You applied as an MEP with a French address saying you have moved to the North East. So you've moved out of France and you're now a resident in the North East of England?

The 61-year-old initially tried to avoid the question before confirming that he did still live in France but is moving back to the UK in the 'not so distant future.'

It's very interesting you raise that because it's another Remainer distraction. 

The rules allow me to stand as a candidate from my French address, and that was in the public domain and I made it plain that's where I stayed.

As I also made plain I was in the process of moving to the UK, and I will be in the UK in the not so distant future.

Maitlis concluded the interview by giving Monteith and appropriate title.

So as it stands you're a member of the Brexit Party in England, and an MEP in the parliament you don't want to sit in, living in France.

A clip of the interview has already been viewed more than 43,000 times on Twitter, with many criticising the Brexiteer for his answers.

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