Nigel Farage called the EU the 'ancient states of Europe' and everyone made the same point

Nigel Farage called the EU the 'ancient states of Europe' and everyone made the same point

On Tuesday, Brexit Party MEP's pulled a stunt in the European Parliament by turning their backs during the playing of the European anthem in Strasbourg.

The incident was widely ridiculed and criticised on social media with many people calling their mini-protest against the EU, 'childish' and 'embarrassing'.

In an attempt to clarify what happened, Nigel Farage told Sky News that they started by sitting down but were told off and asked to stand as it was the polite thing to do when the anthem of a 'nation' is playing.

Farage and his crew took exception to this and then later branded the EU as 'disrespectful' and full of 'ancient states'

I'll tell you what is disrespectful - taking the ancient nation states of Europe and without asking anyone's permission, and turn it into a country because that's what the president of the parliament called it this morning.

That's really disgraceful and I am not going to stand to attention for this anthem. No way. I'll show respect for any anthem of any other country in the world but not a false creation like this. I think we did the right thing.

So, Farage is basically objecting to an individual's definition of what the EU constitutes, which definitely isn't a singular nation but do we really think that he is really consulting his EU handbook at this point?

However, his claim that the EU is full of 'ancient nation states' didn't exactly fly with some people who took the Brexit Party leader to task with a few stone cold facts about the age of some of these so-called 'ancient states' and the British Empire.

As a bonus takedown, pro-EU campaigner Femi asked Farage if he is offended by all classical music, which must make watching some movies difficult.

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